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SKINISMS - skincare chapters by our co-founder

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Get this book free after you subscribe for three months or order now and receive a $30.00 store credit later after your third subscription!  Skinisms, a refreshing and revealing hard-cover book that dives deep into the author's deep understanding of the skin microbiome. Learn about, perfect pH, acne, aging. rosacea, sun, diet, hormones, and their effects on your skin. Uncover the truth behind probiotic and prebiotic skincare. Stay one step ahead of the beauty industry and invest wisely in the products that work. Fresh facial recipes and food recipes too. Skincare chapters written by DermOne Health + Wellness co-founder and award-winning British green chemist, Karen Sinclair Drake, Skinisms is all the facts, with all the glamor! Check out her R&D website

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