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The heart of what we do is grounded with our innovation and years of expertise in formulating clean beauty products that are second to none in function and value for the consumer.

For more than 20 years, Karen’s specialty has been in creating head-to-toe personal care products based on green science and functional medicine principles.

She has been honored with membership of two prestigious organizations: Society of Cosmetic Scientists and The Institute of Functional Medicine.

Karen recently received a US patent for a new all-natural acne treatment serum and method using clinically-tested plant-based prebiotics that also has anti-aging benefits.

 Her recently published book Skinisms is the first in-depth study on the subject of skin microbiome. It also details a lifestyle program for healthier, more youthful-looking skin. This unique and accessible guide is packed with advice on keeping your skin looking radiant and glowing, whatever your age. Of note, she recently became a USA citizen.

How it All Started

About 25 years ago, Karen was about to lose her hairdresser and rather than let that happen, a decision was made to open a hair and beauty salon as a side venture. A chance meeting transpired with some seriously talented chemists and a new venture was born. Soon thereafter, it became clear that their interest was in the products business having experimented with making small-batch products for use on clients in the salons. That was the start of a passion to make the best certified professional skincare products that even a doctor would use. It took a few years of

R & D to develop ingredients and manufacturing methods, and Karen herself became a bonafide chemist! Today, she has amassed over 250 formulations, not just in skincare, but, makeup, baby products, supplements, perfumes, candles, hair care and other specialty concoctions!