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SURVIVE parfum by Gloria Gaynor I 0.33 fl oz 10 ml Travel Size


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NEW Size!! This 0.33 fl oz /10ml travel size bottle will let you take a bit of Gloria wherever you go!! Will last for about 30 days of daily use! Contents is over 3 times sample size.

Inspired by her iconic disco anthem, I Will Survive, this emboldening fragrance is sophisticated, confident, fresh, and unapologetically authentic. Survive captures the essence of Gloria's enduring influence and how her music has touched the lives of so many. It's almost like a flourmand—the heart has a lot of beautiful floral notes like golden muguet, cattelya orchid, and water jasmine, with a sweet dry-down of vanilla nectar entwined with liquid amber musk. This elegant and ethereal scent will be the perfect signature fragrance for trendsetters, soul-searchers, and lovers of life in all of us. 

Perfumers Notes:

"This scent represents the enveloping aura of the morning glow and the fresh bouquet of white flowers that intertwine with the different textures that morning holds. It contains notes of bergamot and almond milk that combine perfectly with the delicate scent of jasmine and white flowers while wrapped in an infusion of exotic amber, musk, and vanilla."

Ana Morales
Flowering Pharmacy perfume designer partner

Artwork Design:

Even though this masterpiece fragrance represents a resurrection of sequins and magnificence, its elegantly restrained design conveys a powerful message of perseverance to help any individual challenge their conqueror. Proving never to underestimate a person you think has been beaten down.

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