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It really is eyes on the prize for this one, folks, as we learn how eye makeup can be a real conversation starter in a masked world.

With face coverings looking set to stay, our eyes have never been more important. As the only feature on display at the moment, creating expression and, personality through our eyes is key. I decided it was time to venture beyond my wobbly smudge of eyeliner and quick sweep of
mascara – or as I call it, my “that’ll do” look, and, enlist the help of our wonderful expert, professional makeup artist, Kathleen Beaton.

So, whether you want to achieve a natural daytime look or something a little more… eye-catching, we’ve got you covered. Rest assured, Kathleen’s beautifully simple advice will guide you from daytime chic to night-time glamor in a few simple sweeps.

Daytime chic

For the daytime look, choose a mid-toned eye shadow that suits your skin. Matte or shimmer both work well but matte is more casual. Think a taupe, copper or perhaps a light grey. You could even use a bronzing powder. Take your shadow brush and, gently sweep the pigment over your lids.

To add dimension and, depth, use a slightly darker shade in the crease of your lid. A fluffy dome-shaped brush will blend this in well to create a seamless effect. Eye shape really comes into play here, so if you don’t have a lot of lid real estate, you can create a crease that is slightly higher than your natural crease to make your eyes appear more open.

Next up, definition. You can use liquid liner on the water line, mainly the upper water line, or both if you prefer.  Or,  you can line the upper water line with a gel liner then close your eyes tightly.  This will push the liner into the base of the lash line to create definition.

Finally, finish with mascara. You can simply stick to the upper lashes for this understated day look. Remember to wipe your wand before application or use individual disposable spoolies to coat lashes without the clumping “spider eye” effect.

Night-time glamor

With just a few tweaks you can turn your daytime look into one fit for a night on the tiles – or even just for a spot of lunch, or retail therapy.

Smokey eyes are perfect, but try to avoid dark heavy lines. Once again, consider taupe, brownish copper or smokey grey as before for a soft yet dramatic look.

Opt for the same tone as your daytime look, only slightly darker or with added shimmer – this could be the color you used on your crease. Use an eyeshadow brush to blend the darker shade over your entire lid and crease and, blend really well. 

Next, blend a brown, copper or grey smoke gel liner along your upper lash line and along the outer edge of your bottom lashes and, use a smudger brush to soften both lines.

Only use your lash curler on clean lashes.  Otherwise you can break your lashes.  Go ahead and, add another layer of mascara and, if you feel your lashes need a pick me up, place a clean spoon on your lid and, use your mascara wand to curl them into the spoon. 

Finally, brush up your brows with a clean spoolie or even a clean (designated) toothbrush. You can fill in any sparse areas with a brow pencil or pigmented brow gel.

Top tip: Don’t forget to clean up any errant powder or mascara with a q-tip soaked in micellar water and, for added brightness, dot concealer just under the tear duct of your eyes and blend to hide dark circles and signs of fatigue – the perfect trick for any tired Moms out there!




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