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Wash, scrub, dry, repeat – sound familiar? Whatever your daily skincare routine, there are a few essential elements you should always embrace.

Follow our super simple four-step plan and unveil the flawless complexion of your dreams…

1. Cleanse this way for top-notch skin

Taking the number one spot and for very good reason, it’s cleansing! This daily ritual is by far the most important step in every skincare routine. It’s where cellular debris (that’s product of our skin´s metabolism to you and I!), environmental pollutants and makeup are all removed, leaving your skin au naturel. Get this process wrong and your skin could be unbalanced for up to 12 hours, leading to inflammation, which is the main cause of skin conditions.

To keep you on track, we have a few quick tips. All cleansers, whether water-based, creamy, or otherwise, should consist of the following:

2. Switch up your serum to see better results

Perhaps the most therapeutic part of any skincare routine is smoothing on your favorite, nourishing serum. Generally, oil or water-based serums contain substances that are 20 times more biologically active than many other creams, meaning they’re speedily absorbed by the skin and yield impressive results. Serums can reach the stratum spinosum – the second innermost layer of the skin just after the basal layer – and this greater absorption means that serums can target skin issues and transport the actives where they are most needed.

Things to consider before you get going:

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