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Anti-Spot Treatment
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Pesky pimples are an inevitable reality for most of us from time to time and never more so than right now as we now struggle with maskne (mask-based breakouts).

At 31, I thought my days of breakouts were well and truly behind me… how wrong could I be? The truth is, acne has a number of causes, and for women it’s often down to hormones, which fluctuate throughout life, not just during adolescence. There are also aggravating lifestyle factors including diet and stress, but for many acne is simply genetic (we’ll look more in depth at the role of genetics in a future blog… it’s a real eye-opener!).

Add to all of this the “new normal” of wearing facemasks and breakouts – for me at least – are more of a permanent fixture than a fleeting visitor right now. Bacterial build-up inside a warm, damp mask are part of this problem, which is one more reason to wash (or replace) a mask regularly. Thankfully, we’ve got just the thing for those unsightly blemishes so you can stay safe and spot-free, whatever the cause.

Damage control

There are many treatments for acne including antibiotics, birth control pills and the age-old favorite, Benzyl peroxide. The problem with all the aforementioned is that they can have some pretty troubling side effects. Benzyl Peroxide, for example, strips away not only the bad bacteria, but all the good stuff, too, in a similar way to antibiotics, which wipe the bacteria from your gut.

Ultimately, these products might be effective, but they’re not a long-term solution and the damage caused to your skin’s delicate microbiome – the family of bacteria that call your skin home – is a cause for concern.

Luckily, the pros in the know at, including our very own skincare guru, Karen Sinclair-Drake, have created the first patented natural acne formula with Prebiotic Activ Technology, which is able to suppress the bad bacteria and enhance the good, allowing skin to flourish. This groundbreaking discovery was made after testing nearly 300 different botanicals and the synergy between them and is paving the way for a completely new generation of acne treatments that treat the cause, not the symptoms.

The unique microbiome mindful product was put through rigorous testing before hitting the shelves and it’s fair to say it blew all other leading competitors out of the water to take top spot (no pun indented)!

Lovingly crafted, the powerful duo of humble blackcurrant and natural European wild pine needle extract work in harmony to promote the growth of protective bacteria on your skin, bolstering and balancing your microbiome and creating a soothing and nourishing experience, while honing in on and destroying the bad.

The technology is proven to be effective at destroying 99.9% of acne-causing bacteria in just 30 seconds – that’s quicker than the time it takes to make your morning coffee! What’s more, due to its natural nature, side effects such as redness and irritation are diminished. And it works on all kinds of acne, whatever the cause!


Acne Treatment Clear Skin

pH perfection

The key to healthy skin is acidity,” explains Karen. “Your skin functions at its best when it’s at a pH of 4.7-5. This mildly acidic state is the perfect environment to support your skin’s natural functions and protects against bad bacteria and damage. Anything over 5.5 and higher leave’s your skin open to issues and, ultimately, acne.”

“All our products are based on this theory and help to support your skin in a mildly acidic state keeping it radiant and acne-free.”

Bye bye breakouts

Karen recommends washing your mask after every use and remove any makeup, dirt, oil and bacteria from the skin by cleansing once or twice daily with a prebiotic cleansing gel like Detoxifying Cleanser, followed with Zapper, a fast-acting prebiotic serum that works overnight on breakouts and helps prevent new spots from making an unwelcome appearance. If your breakouts are more severe, then use a mildly acidic system such as Clear Skin Results “Considering the market is saturated with poor quality (and potential harmful) acne products, it is best to opt for something designed around natural ingredients” says Karen. “This ultimate acne super-system uses clinically proven prebiotics that not only kill 99.9% of acne causing bacteria within 30 seconds, but also brightens, evens skin tone, and helps to soften and prevents fine lines. Use morning and night to optimize and promote healthy skin microbiome.”


Acne Treatment Clear Skin


Bottom line: Keeping our masks and skin clear from bad bacteria build-up not only helps reduce the spread of unwanted breakouts, but also helps reduce the spread of COVID-19.


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