Hey there, hope ya’ll are having a wonderful day (I can’t get away with saying that, can I?)!

Poor attempt at the southern dialect aside, I hope you’ll forgive me, but I’ve taken a little hiatus from feature writing this week. Howeverrrr, it’s for a very good reason and I am super excited to share with you a little teaser about next week’s instalment. Ladies, this one’s for you!

This week, I have had the absolute pleasure of speaking with Dr Felice Gersh. For anyone who doesn’t know Dr Gersh… where have you been?

Just kidding, but she is kind of a big deal. Dr Gersh is an OB-GYN and globally renowned women’s health expert. She is also medical director of Integrative Medical Group of Irvine and there isn’t anything she doesn’t know about vaginas, ovaries, fallopian tubes (bet you weren’t expecting to read that today) and all things women’s health.

Whatever burning questions you’ve wanted to ask your OB-GYN in the past but haven’t dared to, she’s answered them in our professional, no-nonsense, whistle-stop guide to all things gyne, which is coming next week.

She’ll be our resident women’s health expert going forward, so any questions or queries, feel free to add them at the bottom and we can cover topics in future features with her.  

In the meantime, and as an introduction to her expertise, don’t forget to check out our feature “What your OB-GYN really wants you to know” coming next week!

Check back soon, or even better subscribe so you don’t miss out!

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