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Best Eye Repair Serum
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Let your eyes sparkle through summer and beyond with our simple, quick tips.

Dark circles and puffiness under the eyes is a natural occurrence and happens to all of us from time to time – whether through stress, crying, tiredness, dehydration or for reasons we don’t understand. Thankfully, it’s easily and naturally remedied. Our very own Green Chemist and skincare expert extraordinaire, Karen Sinclair Drake, shares her seven simple solutions to keep puffiness and dark circles at bay and eyes looking fresh and youthful….

1. Get some regular Zs

Napping, snoozing, and catching forty winks… whatever you call it, sleep, glorious sleep, is a sure fire way to keep your eyes looking bright. Too little of the sleepy stuff and eye fatigue will become visible in a matter of days. And it’s about quality as much as quantity. “Experts suggest an optimum eight hours a night, but we know this isn’t always possible in today’s crazy world,” says Karen, “we advise you try to aim for six or seven good quality hours as a minimum with adequate screen breaks from all your devices throughout the day.”

How to: To avoid waking up with puffy eyes, try to sleep with your head slightly elevated – this will allow lymphatic fluids that build up as you slumber to drain away.


2. All hail hydration

Staying hydrated is a hugely important part of your overall health, but it’s particularly powerful when it comes to your skin. “Water allows your kidneys to function at their best and flush out any impurities,” says Karen. “It also helps retain skin’s elasticity, reducing the chances of dark circles and puffiness forming. To ensure your body has enough moisture, aim to drink at least eight glasses of water a day, and even more in warmer weather and after exercise. If you can’t stomach plain water, try creating some refreshing fruit infusions readily found online.”


3. An Oscar-winning solution

Luckily, we have the perfect quick fix for puffy eyes and it’s a little gem. Renew Lift by DermOne Skincare launched a few years ago at a pre-Oscar party and has been a top seller with celebs and consumers alike ever since… and it’s easy to see why, believe me! “This silky serum glides effortlessly under your eyes,” says Karen. “Simply tap it on and fan it out, keeping expressionless as it dries. You’ll soon start to feel a slight tightening effect as it goes to work flattening out any puffiness and fine lines. It’s as simple as that. It’s like a second skin that adheres to your own and is packed with some impressive skin-loving ingredients like cooling cucumber, skin-brightening licorice and the pure rose extract comes from our very own rose fields.”


4. Keep it light

It’s always best to opt for lightweight serums as opposed to heavy moisturizers and cold creams. “The skin around our eyes is seven times thinner than the skin on the rest of our face,” says Karen, “meaning heavy creams can actually exacerbate puffiness and can lead to Milia (tiny white bumps under the skin, also known as milk spots or oil seeds). Look for ingredients such as magical hyaluronic acid… it plumps the skin’s surface in seconds, and fills in wrinkles beautifully by attracting an impressive 10 times its weight in water from the atmosphere. Although the acid temporarily improves the skin’s appearance, it can also, over time, help restore barrier functions, giving it the ability to repair and restore faster. So, what are you waiting for?” Harness the power of hyaluronic at home now with SkinSanity Ageless Eye Repair. Top tip: If you have any residue on your fingers, use it over your whole face… because what’s good for your eyes is also good for your face!


5. Stay shady

When you’re outside enjoying the glorious sunshine, remember to protect your eyes with a pair of sassy shades or a fabulous floppy hat. “Sunglasses are more than just a fashion accessory,” says Karen, “they play a vital role in protecting your eyes and the skin around it from damaging UVA and UVB rays.” And who doesn’t like feeling like a celebrity once in a while?!


6. The power of cold

It’s well known that cold temperatures help to reduce swelling and redness by shrinking blood vessels and it’s the same under your eyes. “For a cheap and cheerful fix, try popping a clean, damp face cloth in the freezer for half an hour – not so long that it freezes solid, but enough to get a nice chill,” says Karen. “Then simply place it over your eyes and let it get to work. This is your time to relax.”


7. Magic massage

Asimple massage around your eye area can help improve lymphatic drainage and boost circulation. Follow Karen’s relaxing routine for brighter eyes in a flash…

  • Placing the tips of your fingers on your cheek bones, move in a circular motion clockwise for 10 rotations then anti-clockwise for 10 rotations
  • Next up, use your fingertips once again to gently and rapidly tap under your eye, just above the orbital bone for 10-20 seconds
  • Finally, using your thumbs and middle fingers, pinch and lift upward on either side of your nose, just on your brow bone, and smooth up to your temples – do this five times on both sides for instant results

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